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Cricket Hill Paymaster Porter

December 12, 2012

Cricket Hill is a brewery out of New Jersey that is just finishing up their tenth year of operation. They started back in 2002, and have slowly been expanding since then, with a large expansion in 2009 that included a boost to their seasonal production namely including the Paymaster Porter. Their philosophy is something I personally can really dig: making well-balanced, palatable, session beers that aren’t out to make a statement but just be enjoyable. When I compare this to beers that are literally trying to provoke me, or just end up as these sort of overpowering messes, I have to say it’s kind of really nice to hear. I like beer, and I like beer a lot when it’s something I can drink again and again.

The Paymaster Porter poured a dark black in color with a fluffy coffee colored head that hung around for a while. The scent profile was simple and straightforward for a porter, with some nice seasonal additions; roasted malt, toffee, molasses. The beer has a nice full body and hefty mouthfeel. As can be expected from their style philosophy though, the beer didn’t linger or coat my mouth, it merely made its presence known.

The flavors were decidedly pleasant and elegant for their simplicity. A nice blend of roasted malt, toffee, and molasses that comes to end on a light chocolate and nut finish. This is definitely a beer I could drink again and again, but when out on the town there’s probably more interesting stuff to try.


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