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Lakefront Fuel Cafe

December 3, 2012

Man, these Lakefront guys are really keeping busy. Between my own enjoyment of their beer, and the steady stream of praise they receive on twitter, I am finding it hard to remember a time when I wasn’t regularly thinking about them. Which is strange, because I have only recently been seeing more than their flagship brews out here. Anyway, being someone who enjoys their beers, and being fond of dark coffee flavors, I gave their Fuel Cafe a whirl.

I was presented with a nice glass filled with a dark black liquid that was topped by a fluffy light brown head. The beer met my nose with a wonderful mixture of sweet malt and chocolate, followed by what smelled like fresh ground coffee beans. It was a positively wonderful smell. On top of all this, the mouthfeel was almost like molasses, coating my mouth in flavor and beer. A true heavy-bodied, thick stout.

However, the taste is where the beer took a turn for the worse. There was a slight, barely perceptible hint of toffee and milk chocolate that was smashed apart by the coffee flavor. The wonderfully thick mouthfeel only served to over emphasize the fact that it tasted like I had eaten the fresh ground beans I had smelled earlier. This is a beer you should only drink if you really like coffee, and I mean, really like coffee. Like seriously, you should be a barista with a coffee addiction.


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