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Geary’s Leaf Pile

November 30, 2012

Ah, Geary’s. A very quiet but wonderful brewery. For those of you who don’t remember, Geary’s is an older Maine-based brewery that is dedicated to English-style brewing. Their founder and brewmaster has studied with brewers in England and Scotland, including a Scottish nobleman. I’m not sure how good the beer of the Scottish nobility actually is, but I always find it cool that a member of the peerage system is a brewmaster. No matter what the work of the Scottish nobleman though his pupil, the eponymous Geary, certainly has skill that shines through in his beer.

The Leaf Pile a more festive autumnal treat than his Autumn Ale, pours a beautiful and clear copper color with a bright white head that was quick to disappear. This beer is very light and subtle, as English beers can sometimes have a tendency to be. The scent is a delicate combination of mild pumpkin, cloves, and a little all spice. The ale has a light body, and was very easy to drink.

Truly the best way to describe this beer is, “exceedingly palatable.” Once more, there’s the carefully balanced mixture of pumpkin and spice flavors. This time though we get a nice sense of brown sugar, with maybe even a little molasses. Essentially, we’re given some dark and sweet tastes to carefully compliment the spices. Sweet malt is the other big note, once more teasing out another dimension of the autumnal flavor.

Ultimately, I think Geary’s Leaf Pile is a beer that might go under appreciated. If you don’t take the time with it, it might just taste good. I don’t think it’ll ever taste average or common, it’ll always be good. However, you really need to dig into it and think about the careful balance to really appreciate it. If you don’t care about that angle of brewing, then it’s still a great beer for the end of this season.


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