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Dark Horse Perkulator

November 28, 2012

I stumbled across another Dark Horse beer, once more testing their claim to be the best fuckin’ beer made in the state of Michigan. The more Dark Horse beer I have, the more I’m starting to get a feel for them beyond their lofty goals. They’re definitely a brewery you should look toward if you’re looking for something that’s a little experimental, but I have yet to encounter anything from them that is truly mind boggling. Still, what makes a brewery great isn’t being whacky, but producing great beer.

Their Perkulator is a dopplebock that pours a reddish brown, almost copper, color with a quickly dissipating white head. However, as soon as you notice the color you’ll catch a whiff of the powerful coffee scent. This beer smells like a fresh brewed pot of coffee. It’s reached the point that if you close your eyes you might actually get confused for a moment.

It was possessed of a nice medium body, and was delightfully smooth. This beer feels great in your mouth. The first thing it hits you with is a sharp, very strong coffee taste. This composes the majority of the flavor till the end when it finally mellows out into a warm chocolate flavor with the barest hints of toffee added. At the end of the glass, it’s a beer I’d be willing to drink again but if you don’t like intense coffee flavor I can’t suggest it.


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