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Brooklyn Brewery There Will Be Black

November 26, 2012

Does Brooklyn Brewery really need an introduction at this point? With nice straightforward beers like their Brooklyn Lager or Pennant Ale being consistently delicious pint after pint, and their recent experimentation with a wider array of styles being well met, what does one need to say about this brewery? Especially since they’re continually looking to ship their beer further and further away, increasing the likelihood that you, random visitor to this random corner of the internet, will have actually heard of their beer.

I recently got a chance to try their There Will Be Black, a Black IPA. I’m never sure where I stand on Black IPAs. I suppose this really has more to do with the beer style itself than anything else. As of right now, I’d say that Black IPAs really go one of two ways: they’re either delicious or positively terrible. Hence, why I was reluctant to give this one a try until I noticed there was a promise of mint flavor.

There Will Be Black pours, of course, an opaque black color with no other hues or coloration, only a fluffy white head sitting atop it. The beer smells strongly of mint with citrus notes, and a rush of hoppiness. Truly, the only thing I can imagine that would be analogous is if you muddled a hop or two into a mojito along with the mint leaves. The brew is light in body and easy to drink, having a fairly smooth mouthfeel.

This beer comes forward with a light taste of bready malt, not quite bitterness of roasted malt, but distinctly not a sweet malt taste. This bread flavor is infused with a burst of mint and hop-zest, that provides almost a little spice kick to the brew. Overall, you end up with a mild mint-chocolate flavor that persists throughout a session of drinking. Definitely give this beer a try if you can.


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