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Kuhnhenn Iron Monger

November 23, 2012

Kuhnhenn really did bring it out for their recent brewery night at Barcade, though I held back from inundating you with reviews, instead just settling on enjoying the majority of their beers. Most of you are probably aware of the types of beers that really get me into a frenzy of excitement. Dark and heavy stouts, balanced lagers, and of course anything done in the style of the Germans. Hence, why I picked myself up a glass of Kuhnhenn’s Iron Monger, a dunkelweizen.

The Iron Monger pours a rich dark brown, nearly black, with little to no head. The beer had a wonderful scent of cherries, quite a surprise in autumn, with further scents of sweet and roasted malts in a wonderful balance. This brew was smooth, and easy to drink. No lingering within the mouth, just a smoothness that made drinking the Iron Monger particularly pleasant.

The taste though was where this beer shined. It has a taste of cherries up front that give a wonderful tartness. This too-sweet flavor is then balanced by dark, almost burnt, caramel flavor intermingled with the mixture of sweet and roasted malts. Finally, the whole beer ends on a mild finish of nutty flavors.

I would definitely say that if you get a chance to drink this dunkel, give it a taste.


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