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Kuhnhenn Michigan Mud

November 21, 2012

Ah, Kuhnhenn. Out of the many whacky origin stories that exist out there for breweries, I’ve always found something charming about Kuhnhenn’s. Hardware store owners that began to feel the pinch of a big box store, they dusted themselves off and dove head long into another industry: craft beer. Years later, and here I am still talking about them after another successful tap takeover at Barcade.

As someone who appreciates beer names that are essentially little winks at Americana, I was drawn to the Michigan Mud that they had brought. Also, I’m a large fan of stouts, and Kuhnhenn isn’t known for disappointment.

Michigan Mud pours a dark black with a thin brown head lingering atop the beer. The scent is hard to get a hold of but when you do, it’s a touch of dark chocolate and roasted malt. The body of the beer was most surprising to me, as something that’s called mud I was expecting a heavy and thick beer but not so. The beer is actually fairly light in body, very smooth going down, with just a slight viscosity to it. The taste is a strong taste of dark chocolate with an espresso finish.

Overall, it was a nice stout flavorwise, and the mouthfeel was distinct. However, I think there are better beers out there, and that Kuhnhenn makes better stouts. If it’s the only stout available, or you really love Kuhnhenn then give it a taste but otherwise you can pass.


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