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Ramstein Oktoberfest

November 5, 2012

As I was pondering over what beer to try next one evening in mid-October I found myself at a loss. That was, until a friend mentioned that the Ramstein Oktoberfest was available, and he was finding it to be enjoyable. Now, if you recall, Ramstein is a brand of staunchly German beers put out by the High Point Brewing Company. How German are these beers? So German, they complain about the efficiency of public transit while abroad.

The Oktoberfest poured a hazy copper with a quickly dissipating white head. My nose was tickled by the clear crisp scent of malt, with the barest hint of floral hops dancing in the background. The beer had a great smoothness to it, clear and smooth like drinking from a mountain spring without becoming watery or light in body. The taste was par for the course, a nice flavorful mixture of spicy hops balanced by a helping of sweet malt.

The beer was certainly a fine Oktoberfest. It would certainly win its category if beer was judged like dogs at a dog show. Yet, it’s far from being best in show, or particularly innovative. Of course, you don’t drink beers that hold to centuries old purity laws because you’re looking for innovation. When you’re looking for a staunch, traditional German Oktoberfest, grab yourself a Ramstein Oktoberfest.


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