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Evil Twin Lil’ B

October 22, 2012

Evil Twin Brewing is certainly an interesting company to say the least. Beer Advocate describes them as a phantom brewery, and I feel their website only further supports this reality. I don’t mean that they’re a “phantom,” brewery because of the fact that all of their beers are contract brewed at other sites. Plenty of breweries start that way, and many continue to do this even after they grow, especially as they grow into other countries. I mean in the sense that their websites about page is explicitly obfuscating about their history, instead mostly just giving you a strong sense of their style. Searching for them across Facebook and Twitter shows a brewery that seems to just set up shop at random locations and breweries, win over fans, and then move on to the next great place. I now envision that the brewer of Evil Twin beers is some sort of Willy Wonka-esque figure who travels about in a magical hovercraft powered by the good thoughts people have while drinking craft beer.

I recently had their Lil’ B on the suggestion that it was, “basically the same recipe as that Biscotti stout.” My response was, of course, to immediately wonder where I can actually purchase or obtain this Biscotti stout. After coming down from the beer lust, I sadly discovered that no one within manhandling range had any information on the Biscotti stout, so I settled for the Lil’ B.

The beer pours a beautiful rich, almost inky, black with a cocoa colored head. The sort of dark stout color that seems to draw you into the glass itself. There was a strong scent of roasted malt, chocolate and vanilla. Wonderful scent but what truly won me over with this beer was the mouthfeel. This beer feels like motor oil and ice cream got together and had a baby. To some people that might sound disgusting, but if you appreciate stouts you’re probably drooling a little right now.

The taste profile is pretty damn amazing already, causing me to wonder even more what this Biscotti beer is like. It starts off with a delicious combination of chocolate and coffee that continues to rise in bitter darkness until it peaks. At the peak, the bitterness is suddenly washed about by flavors of toffee, vanilla, caramel, and even vague hints of fruit and booze. The brew ends with a nice, calm finish.

I would highly suggest that if you’re reading this, you begin to harass every person you see until someone can direct you to a place of business that is either selling this beer or its “big brother,” the Biscotti beer.


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