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Ramstein Classic

October 15, 2012

Up until just now, I thought that Ramstein Beers was a brewery which produced several beers that I enjoyed. In actuality the Ramstein label is a division of High Point Brewing Company, named after the German town of Ramstein, which is home to many Americans due to the location of a nearby air force base. So why name your beers after a reference to an obscure town in Germany?

Because you’re brewing classic German brews in the United States. Now when I say that High Point is making classic German beers in the United States, I mean that their brewer learned his craft in Germany and imports all of his supplies from southern Bavaria. Furthermore, he only uses a specific private strain of yeast that is used by only one other brewer. On top of all this, all of his supplies (barley, yeast, wheat, and so on), are all geared toward making fine wheat beers. I will tell you right now, all of this specialization pays off tremendously, if their Classic (a dunkelweizen) is any indication.

The head of my beer dissipated rather quickly leaving me with a mug of exceedingly dark brown, almost black beer. I would have called it black outright if not for the fact that when I held it to the light I would get these brief flashes of red on the outer edges of the glass, revealing a hint of transparency and color to the brew.

The scent of the beer was a rich mixture of spices, coriander, wheat, and that wonderful banana scent that comes from big wheaty beers. The beer itself had a nice medium body to it, and a very smooth mouthfeel. No cloying, no punch, just a nice easy to drink beer. Overall, the taste was as promised in the scent. There were strange tastes or rich dark bread, sweet malt, coriander, and a nice blend of spices that gives it a solid kick.

Ramstein Beers are definitely worth a taste in my book.


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