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Keegan Ales Mother’s Milk

October 10, 2012

Keegan Ales is definitely one of those breweries that I’m surprised I haven’t reviewed or mentioned on here before. The only reference I can seem to find is a quick comparison between them and breweries such as Sly Fox and Southampton. In other words, smaller more regional breweries that are doing some fantastic stuff. In this case, Keegan Ales has been operating in the Hudson Valley region for just under a decade. They actually began after the owner and founder, Tommy Keegan, bought a building full of old brewing equipment. He cleaned it up, and ever since the brewery has been putting out fairly fantastic beers mostly focusing on their three main brews; Hurricane Kitty, Old Capital, and of course Mother’s Milk.

Mother’s Milk pours that perfect pitch black color that even if you held it up to a burning candle you wouldn’t be able to see the flame through it. Atop the dark brew rests a foamy head that’s a light shade of brown, though its been known to dissipate quickly. Scents of rich cream, milk, and the continuous fight between dark chocolate and coffee that comes from roasted malts, waft up from the glass and into your nose.

The mouthfeel is thick and creamy, but still manages to be smooth not feeling particularly weighty or hard to swallow. The beer has a rich combination of tastes that make for a beer that is wonderful to drink. While there is a strong taste of dark chocolate with slight hints of roasted coffee beans, and a vague sense of roasted nuts, it doesn’t create a bitter brew. The beer is balanced by dollops of rich cream, sweet milk, and the lightest hints of caramel and toffee that help to make this beer particularly memorable. Finally, tastes of wood round it out with that light spice of oak and vanilla.

Ultimately, there’s a reason that Mother’s Milk is one of Keegan’s best known ales, and also one of their winningest brews. This is a beer that you should drink especially now that we’re turning toward winter months. There’s nothing like cozying up under a blanket near a fire with a pint of Mother’s Milk.


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  1. Glad you’re enjoying the brews. Stop in and let me buy you a pint sometime.

    Tommy Keegan

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