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New Holland Ichabod

October 5, 2012

We finally come to the end of our New Holland journey, and while yes I had other beers I could have interspersed between these reviews I decided to just go right down the line this time around. Anyway, by this point we’re already familiar with New Holland brewing, and their more famous beer, so today we’re looking at something they do that’s a little more general.

The Ichabod is a cleverly named pumpkin ale from New Holland brewing. I actually think it’s fun that they actually have gone and put some effort into coming up with a clever name, most people just cop out and call it a pumpkin ale. Especially since the better puns are already taken, and there’s really little association between pumpkins and dogs. Dogs and puns, of course, being a brewer’s main source of naming inspiration.

The beer pours a hazy orange with a light fluffy white head. I was immediately met with a strong scent of cinnamon, all spice, and even the faintest tickling of hops. The beer itself was light in body, and very smooth. Easy to drink, and a delight going down. There was a strong taste of cinnamon and then a slow down tick through the other traditional fall flavors; allspice, brown sugar, and cloves. Finally, there was a light little hint of pumpkin, nothing particularly strong. While not necessarily strong in the pumpkin flavor, it’s still an enjoyable autumn ale. Still, I think there are better choices but it’s definitely on par with most pumpkin ales.


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