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New Holland Dragon’s Milk

September 28, 2012

I have a fondness for any beer with the phrase “Dragon,” in it. It’s sort of an instant burst of fun when ordering to say the word. For full effect, it’s best to pronounce the word Dragon in a beer as if you’ve just stepped out of a Fantasy tavern during an age of high adventure. Also, as if you are planning to slay said dragon. So, obviously when I attended a little New Holland tap takeover a few weeks ago, the first beer to catch my eye was their Dragon’s Milk.

At some point during my time in college, I remember encountering this brew. A friend had a growler of it and despite purchasing said growler, he positively hated it, whereas I (and everyone else possessed of taste buds) enjoyed it.

The beer pours a deep dark black, with no other hues to the beer, just the darkness you would expect to befall a village as a dragon swoops above it. There was also a minimal brown head but that doesn’t fit the imagery as nicely. There was a rich mixture of oak scents, both stronger woody hints and the light allure of vanilla that comes from oak aging. The beer certainly lives up to its milk name with its light to middling body, and smoothness in the mouth.

Dragon’s Milk strides forward with smooth chocolate tastes and oak flavors in the foreground. These dark flavors blend almost seamlessly into a rich taste of roasted malt. The malt gives way to other flavors quickly though. Before you know what happens (much like the crying villager whose home has been burned in fire and blood) there is a blended taste of licorice, cream, and vanilla. The ending is smooth and sweet rather than the more standard bitter ending.

My opinion is that if you can wrestle with a dragon to suck at its teat, do so. I will admit that I really didn’t know Dragons had teats until this beer, but hey, you learn something new every day…


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