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Dark Horse Sapient Trip Ale

September 19, 2012

Dark Horse did have a relatively small selection on their launch night at Barcade, but one other beer besides the black bier stood out as worth a taste. This was their Belgian Tripel ale, the Sapient Trip Ale.

The beer was delivered to me that hazy orange-gold color that one comes to expect with Belgian beers,alongside that shockingly white head that disappears within a few instants. The scent wasn’t as strong or complex as the Black Bier, instead being the barest hints of candied sugar and nothing more. In my mouth the beer was extremely light with almost no body, and most importantly no sense of the beer cloying to the inside of your mouth like some Belgians.

There was a beautiful taste of candied sugar to make up the foreground of the beer’s taste. This was followed by the sweet tartness of Belgian yeast that flowed perfectly from the super sweetness of the candied sugar. Finally there was a strong punch of fruit to round everything out.

Overall, it’s a sweet beer, and a solid Belgian though I wouldn’t say its something you need to go seek out right this instant.


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