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Dark Horse Black Bier

September 17, 2012

No, it’s not from Portland and it has nothing to do with the comic book company. Dark Horse Brewing is actually out of Michigan, in fact claiming to be some of the “best fuckin’ beer made in the great state of Michigan. Period!” A lofty claim to say the least, but it comes at the end of an interesting and somewhat tongue-in-cheek ramble that serves (theoretically) as some sort of history of the brewery. Needless to say with their talk of ingesting and regurgitating garage sales, Dark Horse is interesting, but what of the beer?

They recently started distributing to New York, and they had a respectable launch night at the Brooklyn Barcade a few weeks ago where I got the chance to sample some of their brews. As readers will know, due to my fascination with schwarzbiers I immediately jumped upon the Black Bier because of its spelling without even bothering to learn what it was. In reality, the Black Bier is still an ale, not a lager, which while saddening wasn’t really upsetting.

The “bier,” pours a dark black color with a light brown head settled across the top. My nose was immediately enticed by a blend of roasted and smokey malts, and surprisingly hints of licorice. The beer itself is a wonderfully smooth, and mid-bodied, with a velvety but still light quality to it, almost like milk.

The taste is as dark as one would expect. It opens with lighter chocolate and roasted malt flavors, good and stout-y but not overwhelming. In your mouth though the beer slowly blossoms across the tongue as it becomes darker, and more bitter. Finally, the beer ends with a strong coffee flavor, making for a wonderfully dark finish.

Definitely a great first drink from a new brewery. Good, but I’m not sure if I’d call it the best fuckin’ beer in Michigan.


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