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McNeill’s Octoberfest

September 14, 2012

Ah, McNeill’s again. As I’ve said before these guys are an interesting brewery, with some fairly good brews. While I wasn’t necessarily a fan of the Dark Angel, I did not hold it against them. Shortly after it, I picked up a pint of their Octoberfest.

Now, as you might glean from my love of Schwarzbiers, I have a soft spot for German brewing techniques. Give me a mass of Kostritzer and I’m a happy man. Though I’d prefer a Xingu, because in the New World we just do things better. The point is, that this time of year while I am quite fond of Pumpkins and the like, I love to kick back with a good Marzen, better known to Americans as the “Octoberfest Beer.”

I was quite happy to make McNeill’s my first of the season.

Their Octoberfest poured a nice hazy orange-red with that bright and frothy white head that looks great when it is just puffing over the rim of the glass. The beer has a very light scent of caramel and sweet malt, you really have to have it right in front of your nose to get a whiff of it but it is there. The mouthfeel was fairly light and smooth, with a thick sort of ending to it, almost pulling the beer past your gullet at the last second.

The taste was simple and to the point, as it should be with an Octoberfest. This isn’t a beer that’s supposed to be intensely flavorful, it should be slightly mild to pair well with sausages and spaetzel. In this case the taste was right on: a simple flavor of a thick, almost chewy, pretzel, with a light play of caramel throughout. Sweet and bready, that’s all you can ask for.

Definitely worth drinking this season.


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