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A Letter From Jack Castle To Real Americans

September 2, 2012

My fellow Real Americans,


A lot of people are trying to make this election about the economy.

That is just smoke and mirrors, dear readers.

This election is about far more than how much money those who work hard and save, make in a year. This election is a fight for our very way of life. Nay, our very nation.

Obama is merely taking a cue from the European Mohammaden Rabble that has slowly been poisoning the socialist union of Europe by engineering our economic downfall so that he can institute sweeping social changes here, as ordered by his Foreign Masters. Need I remind you that it was only three short years ago that Obama was trying to institute Nazi-inspired Death Panels here in the United States of America.

They instituted such a process in England with their National Health. In that country, the Labor party (a party so named because they see people as little more than Marx did: economic units to be directed by a Stalin-like dictator) helped to construct this national health system so that they could use it to control nearly every aspect of their citizens’ lives. The government there tells you how much food to eat, how much soda you can drink, and of course, when you may die. And every Englishman must die, whether he is just a person in his mother’s womb or a beloved patriarch who has grown to old to be of any more use to the government’s great tax scheme. Why it would not surprise me if the Labor Party paid women to have abortions just to keep the population down!

This is what Obama wanted for you and your children. Much like slick Mr. Bloomberg in that modern Sodom, Obama wants bureaucrats to tell you how much good old American Coca-Cola you can drink. That is only the first step in trying to get people to drink foreign products filled with crops we can’t even grow in the United States like sugar, and coconuts.

Read between the lines and you’ll realize that Obama hates American businesses, and wants to break the back of the yeoman farmers that make up the Midwest by destroying the American fondness for corn and corn related products. Obama’s wife has spent countless hours spreading lies and slander that High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is a natural byproduct of processing corn, is somehow unnatural and associated with liberal science.

I just don’t how much more of this I can take, folks.

Am I the only sane man left?

Does no one else see how Obama, being controlled by his Foreign Masters, who helped to falsify his birth certificate, wants to destroy the very core of American society?

First off, the man clearly hates Jesus Christ. Obama hates him far more than even the average Muslim does, and wants to tear him out of our schools, and prevent you from teaching the Bible to your kids. That’s right, Obama hates the idea of parents being able to teach their kids. His administration won’t even allow states to control education. Kentucky is now being forced to teach their kids lies like evolution to meet the Agenda of Liberal Fat Cats in Washington D.C.

We all know what happened the last time the Federal Government wanted to suppress the rightful will of the states. It wasn’t pretty, but it could happen again. After all, as the great President Jefferson once said, the tree of liberty must sometimes be refreshed with the blood of patriotism. But hey, maybe the blood of Foreign Socialists might work too.

Back to Barack Obama here, and his hatred of American values.

Like I said, he’s forcing scientific lies like evolution, and climate change down our throats but that’s not enough for him. He won’t rest until he’s completely dismantled the institution of marriage. Marriage, the institution that produces the next generation of great Americans. The thing that keeps us looking toward the future. That’s Obama’s real target in all of this, the American family and its ingenuity that helps to make this country the greatest nation that God has ever given Man on the face of this Earth.

And I’m not just talking about the welfare state he wants to create by supporting single mothers. And I’m not just talking about the gays either. Of course, don’t you dare forget that Obama would rather have us all pounding each others hineys than having sex in the missionary position with the light’s off solely for procreation but that’s not Obama’s only way of destroying the American family.

I’m of course talking about his corruption of our women.

As we all know, liberals have been trying to seduce our women into destroying their own families for the better part of the century. First by just getting them out of the home with jobs, forcing them to abandon their duties as good Mothers of the Republic. Next liberals gave them the vote, eroding away the foundations that allowed a man to keep his home running smoothly. And now over the past several decades they keep trying to push forward these ideas that women are equal to men, and have dominion over their own bodies.

Let’s face it folks, the reason why this hasn’t taken like the Liberals thought it would is because it just isn’t true. Countless doctors have run tests that show the female brain just isn’t capable of competing on a man’s level in fields like math, science, engineering, or technology. Sure, perhaps they might be able to interpret feelings and emotions better in fields such as sociology, anthropology, music, the arts, or other traditionally female fields, but when it comes to the buildings of nations and societies women pale in comparison to their male counterparts.

Furthermore, no greater blow has ever been dealt to the American family than this notion that women have control over their bodies.

First off, we all know that women’s bodies control them. That’s why when my wife and daughter get over taken by their Moon Blood, I’m sure to lock them up in the Hysteria Hut just like my father did and his father before him. When the affliction of their wandering uteri has passed, they’re allowed to return to their duties as sensible members of the household.

Obama would have me believe that this is wrong.

Obama would have us believe that women are our equals, and that they deserve to decide when they can do things like have sex or a child. When a woman is bound to me in the bonds of holy matrimony, she is under my dominion just like she was under her father’s before mine. If I say it is time to procreate and expand the greatness of America, then it is time to do that. Liberals might call that rape if she says no, but they forget that we are creating life and more importantly, that she has no right to deny her husband anyway. As the Bible says they must love and obey their husband.

And these abortions.


I’ll tell you something, dear reader, do you know what an abortion is really for?

An abortion is far more than just a slap in the face of God, and the murder of an innocent life. It is a woman destroying the relationship she may have with a future husband. As we all know, children can’t be raised by a single mother, lest they become criminals or some sort of worse deviant like a homosexual. So the impregnated woman has no choice but to marry the child’s father, unless she chooses to deny him the right to his own heirs and offspring. Instead, she destroys a potential family, a family that could have accomplished great things.

A family that might have saved America when Barack Obama tries to turn over to his Foreign Masters in 2016.


Remember when you go to the voting booth, that those are the values that Obama and his Foreign Masters stand for.

I know who I’m voting for, and I have my “completely unmodified,” AR-15 in case things take a random left turn.




Jack Castle

One Comment
  1. Dave permalink

    I am only a teenager and I agree. But of course teenagers don’t have the same mind as an adult. Which is complete bullsh*t.

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