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Flying Dog Underdog

August 31, 2012

As I mentioned in another post, it was recently the Flying Dog Brewery night at Barcade. While I was able to try a few of Flying Dog’s whackier concoctions, I’ve never felt their strength as a brewery has been in producing something whacky. To me, Flying Dog beers are solid choices when you’re at a loss for something to grab. When over or underwhelmed by the choices around you, or if you’re just looking for something that you know will be good, you can rarely go wrong by grabbing a Flying Dog. That’s why I was excited to see them tackle a standard of the brewing world, a nice lager.

The Underdog poured that clear golden color you grow up expecting of lagers, with a quickly dissipating bright white head to match expectations. However, while at first glance the beer appears pretty pedestrian, it will shock you as soon as you get it near your nose. A great sweet scent will strike you, a nice mixture of sweet sticky malt, and vanilla laced caramel. Even the mouthfeel was surprising, I was expecting something light and watery that any idiot might be able to chug in quick gulps. Instead, Underdog has a little heft to it, not much but enough to catch you off guard, and the beer is far from watery but still easy to drink.

The flavor that hit me was like biting into a big biscuit. With malt in the background, and maybe some light hops to give a nice crisp finish. Wound throughout the beer’s taste though is a strong dosing of caramel. This beer tastes like someone decided that gravy or maple syrup just wasn’t fattening enough for his biscuits, and instead he just started raining down caramel on them. At the end of the glass, I was really impressed with this beer. It’s definitely the type of lager I can enjoy time and time again.


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