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Flying Dog Disobedience

August 24, 2012

Flying Dog has a pretty bad ass story behind their name that apparently involves clambering over one of the world’s most dangerous mountains and then getting drunk in Pakistan. The brewery has its roots at a brewpub in Aspen, then a small brewery in Denver, and more recently they’ve moved to a larger brewing site on the East Coast (in Maryland to be precise). Overall, Flying Dog is an interesting brewery to get to know more about, and they’re worth learning about for their generally good beers.

Last night, I was able to sit down and have their Dubbel, the Flying Dog Disobedience. This beer had a beautiful dark nut brown color to it, and a fluffy head with an almost light wood coloration. The scent was powerful, filling my nose with a mixture of sweet malt, ripe fruits, and maple syrup. The beer fell somewhere between a light and medium body, and it’s very smooth in your mouth.

The taste was more of a light suggestion than the force I was expecting based on the scent. There was definitely the fruit, malt, and maple syrup flavor yet it becomes overtaken by a bready finish. Don’t let the bread flavor overtaking the others fool you though, none of these tastes are particularly strong. The flavors simply rise in a slow wave cresting with a mixture of syrup and bread, and then slowly fade away with the bread taste lingering slightly longer than the others.

It’s a very drinkable beer, with a great mouthfeel, and a taste profile that isn’t going to really rock any boats. Despite having an ABV over 7% it doesn’t feel particularly strong, making it wonderful after a long day or work, or just to drink on a nice relaxing day off.


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