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Tommyknocker Black Powder Stout

August 17, 2012

Tommyknocker is a Colorada brewery from Idaho Spring that makes it somewhat difficult to learn anything about them from their website. From what I can gather they were founded in 1994, and have been starting to grow rapidly over the past few years, while still being based out of their brew-pub. Either way, I was intrigued to try their Black Powder Stout which is made with cocoa powder.

The beer pours black with a light coffee colored head. The first thing I noticed that was interesting about this beer is that it smelled like a sweet milk chocolate bar rather than some sort of overpowering bitterness of dark chocolate. The mouthfeel was light and velvety making it quite easy to drink.

The brew was exceedingly sweet. There were strong tastes of sweet malt, caramel, and toffee. Alongside of this was the milk chocolate tastes that formed the basis of the beer’s bouquet. With little to no taste of roasted malt, I suddenly felt like I was drinking a glass of hot chocolate with too many marshmallows. Now, this is great if you want something sweet but bad if you want something with a little more balance. In a sense, it’s the opposite problem that the Rogue Chatoe Dirtoir has. Still good, just not always what you want a pint of.


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