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North Coast Thelonious

August 13, 2012

Ah, North Coast.

I definitely do love to talk about this brewery, and more importantly, their amazing stout known as The Old Rasputin. Of course, I also end up lamenting the fact that many beers cannot live up to such a brew. Luckily for the Thelonious, I had already spent the evening gorging on a variety of stouts before I turned my eye toward this brew.

The beer is a wonderful dark brown color with red hues lining the edges of the glass and a white head that disappeared in the blink of an eye. There was a powerful scent of sweet malt, ripe fruits, candied sugar, and the barest hint of coriander. Such a scent promises such a wonderfully perfect Belgian.

The brew had a nice middle body, nice and smooth without being too light or too velvety. There was a delightful punch up front consisting of a strong ripe fruit flavor, and the standard sweet blends of sweet malt and Belgian yeast. This then mellows to a strong tartness and the sweetness of candied fruits. This beer is great for both people that are becoming curious about Belgian style ales and those who are long standing fans of the style.


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