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Harpoon Summer Beer

July 30, 2012

Harpoon, as I’ve discussed previously, is one of those breweries that if you don’t like craftbeer you’ve probably heard of but you have no idea that it’s this full brewery with lots of different beers. They’re a solid brewery, and a lot of their flagships are worth more than a glance but are rarely anything so amazing that you need to rush out and drink them right this instant. Recently though I had their Summer Beer, and it really was quite wonderful.

I once discussed the concept of “the beer that other beers drink.” The idea that sometimes a beer is just such a prime example of the style, that you need to drink it to understand why some versions are better or worse. The Harpoon Summer beer is like that for a Kolsch. It’s not an astounding beer, and it’s not bad, it’s merely Kolsch-y.

The Harpoon Summer pours a clear pale yellow with a quickly dissipating white head. The beer has a nice rich scent of biscuits and malt that immediately told me this would be a great Kolsch. The mouthfeel was perfect, light and smooth. There was a rich taste of malt, and biscuits, with a crisp hop background that gave it a beautiful finish. Somewhere in the background I even got a few light notes of citrus. It was truly the Kolsch that other Kolsch’s should be drinking.

Drink this beer before summer is over, and if you want to brew at home and you’re thinking to yourself, “I want to make a Kolsch,” you must go out and drink this beer right now. In fact, if you ever want to brew a Kolsch and aren’t already some sort of brewmaster at a brewery, go drink this Kolsch. I assume that if you are a brewmaster at a brewery, you do drink the Harpoon Summer and go, “Yep, that’s the barometer by which I will measure my own Kolsch.”


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