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Blue Point Sour Cherry Imperial Stout

July 25, 2012

Blue Point is one of those breweries that I often talk about or think about, but rarely post reviews of. The other night when my friend and I saw this on tap, he immediately went to consult what I had said about the beer on his smartphone only for us to discover that I had never reviewed it. At first I thought he was thinking of the Atwater Block Cherry Stout but I haven’t reviewed that either…

Let me get something on the record here, I’m not the biggest fan of fruit beers, but the combination of cherry and stout was the first thing that ever made me reconsider just disliking fruity beers out of hand. The first cherry stout I had ever had was Blue Point Black Cherry Stout, presumably the less alcoholic version of this. A friend and I had it once at a beer distributor that sold growlers, neither of us had them but this was where we stocked up for good beer for semester breaks and semesters during college. Needless to say, he liked us. Gave us each a fresh tasting pour on a cold December day, and by the Gods, it was mesmerizing. Thus, I ordered this beer, slightly clouded by nostalgia.

It pours a deep black with dark brown hues, and a light brown head. A light whiff of it brings a strong smell of overripe cherries and chocolate. The body was surprisingly light and exceedingly smooth. Not to say that it was like drinking air, it had an overall medium body but when you’re staring into a dark liquid that smells like cherries sitting in their own sticky juices, you expect a certain thickness.

The taste however was the let down of this beer. It was an overwhelming taste of roasted malt. Mostly strong dark chocolate, with a bitter almost espresso like ending that was barely alleviated with a hint of cherry. I think this is a beer worth having, though the non-Imperial variant is far superior. My friend claimed to be able to taste more cherry than I did, but it was still nothing like the scent promised.


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