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Brooklyn Monster Ale (Aged Since 2007)

July 23, 2012

Brooklyn is quickly becoming a well known brewery across the world, which is something I have no problem saying that they deserve. One of my favorite things about Brooklyn is the dedication that shines through in the consistent tastes of their flagship brews, and I will merrily drink a Brooklyn Lager any day of the week and have no regrets regarding that choice. Of course, where’s the fun in just brewing delicious but consistent beers? Brooklyn certainly has embraced this question a few times, and it shines through in some of their seasonals, such as the Monster.

Monster, presumably named after the brewery cat,* poured a beautiful dark brown with red hues, clearly having gotten slightly darker with age from an original brighter copper color, though it still manages to retain a bright white head. The immediate scents that struck me were of booze, malt, and caramel. It’s mouthfeel had a nice medium body with a smoothness to it that made for a very pleasant drinking experience.

The taste was structured toward the sweeter end, most likely due to aging as well as the original flavors of the beer. As I drank I could taste overripe sweet sticky fruits, candied sugars, sweet malt, and a strong ending of booze. Also within this sweet mixture though, there was a few little punches of hops both floral and citrus that helped to lend a balance to the beer and make it taste quite good.

While the Monster is definitely a great brew, this cannot be denied, I really do feel that aging it for at least a few more months really does more for it than just drinking it when the brewery ships it. Granted, when shipped it’s already 4 months old but I believe this is a beer that definitely improves with age.

*: I recently learned that the day I posted this, Monster of the Brooklyn Brewery passed away of kidney failure.  The news from the Brewery:


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