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Founders Backwoods Bastard

July 11, 2012

Ah Founders, now I often talk about breweries I like or appreciate but when I think of them I think of breweries I love. Founders is, as I’ve stated before, definitely a brewery whose presence at a drinking establishment will affect decisions to go there or not. Furthermore, their Dirty Bastard is fucking amazing, which is why I get so excited when they decide to produce variants of it. The Backwoods Bastard, is one such variant.

Pouring a dark almost hazy brown with a minimal light brown head rimming the edges of the glass, the Backwoods Bastard is very inviting. The first two things to hit you are the strong smells of booze and caramel, always a good sign when sitting down to a delicious brew. The thing that really struck me was its light mouthfeel. It is definitely lighter than the Dirty Bastard, which is actually very pleasant. This is of course because if there’s one thing anyone wants out of the Dirty Bastard it’s to make it easier to drink large quantities of it.

There are a series of strong tastes that jump right to the fore as you drink this beer. You get punched immediately with flavors of oak, and bourbon that then get immediately balanced with a strong caramel flavor. Combined with the roasted and sweet malts that go into it, and its booze, the beer ends on a light and sweet finish. I was really surprised because it was just so damn refreshing, like perfect for the hot weather and my own weariness after a long day.

Of course, how can I be surprised when it’s a Dirty Bastard variant.


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