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Kentucky Ales Bourbon Barrek Ale

July 6, 2012

Kentucky Ales apparently has a very long history. They are through a series of various hands actually a continuation of the original Lexington Brewery Company that was founded over a century ago. Its current incarnation came about in 1999 when the brewery was sold to its current owner, Dr. Pearse Lyons. The brewery is now part of Alltech, an agricultural science company who sees their interests as a perfect fit for the brewing business. I recently got to sit down and have their Bourbon Barrel Ale.

The beer pours a clear amber or dark orange, depending on the light you’re in, with a white head that quickly disappeared from the brew. The first smell that hit me was the strength of a well made bourbon; vanilla, oak, booze, and a light scent of nuts. The beer was extremely drinkable, exceedingly smooth with a medium body.

The taste was exactly how I like anything aged in bourbon barrels to taste like, like bourbon. In this case like an exceedingly smooth bourbon. There was a strong vanilla flavor, mixed with oak, and hints of strong booze. The strong bourbon is mellowed somewhat by a taste of sweet malt. Overall it’s like someone sat down and made a thicker, refreshing bourbon. If you can drink this beer, you should. If you like bourbon, you should be putting this beer into your body right now.

Drink This Beer.


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