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Rogue Mocha Porter

June 29, 2012

It’s strange to think that in the past year or so, I’ve never found myself reviewing a Rogue beer. I suppose when you set out to talk about delicious beers both the heard and the unheard of, you just assume your readers are familiar with most of what comes out of the better known craft brewers. I’ve made passing references to Rogue, even to some of their more experimental beers, and I certainly would consider myself a fan of them. Yet, no reviews. I will not bother to sum up their history, but merely to remind us of what makes them great, their commitment to being a hand-crafted brewery. Their willingness to be bold, and to stay at the forefront of the craft beer movement and its brothers-in-arms; spirits, agriculture, cooking, and other traditional crafts.

The Mocha Porter is a beer that pours a nice chocolate color with a surprisingly lightly colored head, almost a light tan that despite a bottle pour managed to stay somewhat fluffy. It smells positively fantastic, a mixture of rich coffee, roasted malt, and light hints of chocolate. The beer is smooth, and velvety, with a light fluff to it on the tongue. The taste is wonderful ride of delicious flavors, rich tastes of coffee form the main strength, though hints of chocolate, vanilla, even light hints of toffee or caramel, latch themselves on throughout, with a nice roasted malt finish.

Like most Rogue beers, I highly suggest giving the Mocha Porter a taste. Whether on draft or bottle, it’s definitely a delicious brew.


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