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Southern Tier Eurotrash Pilz

June 27, 2012

Southern Tier is definitely a brewery with a diverse and delicious portfolio. While in previous installments I’ve talked about some of their sweeter and stranger brews, I figured it was time to wrestle with one of their more straightforward beers. A while ago, I picked up a six pack of their Eurotrash Pilz largely because I was looking for something different and refreshing. There was something about the bright pink packaging that I just couldn’t ignore, and I felt I was duly rewarded.

The beer poured a beautiful straw gold color with a light bright white head that quickly disappeared, as expected from a bottle pour. The scent was a mixture of hops and biscuits, as well as other grains, perfect for a pilsner. The mouthfeel was smooth and light, great for a refreshing lager that’s been made to drink in long pulls. The taste is exactly what the scent promises, a nice mixture of light malts, biscuit flavors, slight hints of other grains, with a nice crisp hop finish.

This is definitely a solid entrance into the pilsner style. The reason it gets the recommendation to go out and try it, is because I feel that pilsners are dismissed as that shitty beer Germans exported to central Europe, South America, and the flyover states. When in reality pilsners are damn delicious and refreshing and wonderful for the warm days of spring and summer. Seriously, give them a try.


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