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Fisherman’s Sunrise Saison

June 22, 2012

Fisherman’s is the brand name of the wonderful Cape Anne Brewing Company out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. They’re a small family-run brewery that is centered around a brewpub in downtown Gloucester. Despite their small size, they put out a wide variety of beers throughout the year, and their standard Fisherman’s Brew is a solid lager. Last night was Fisherman’s night over at Barcade, so expect a few more of their beers to feature over the coming week. Spurred on by a friend having it, and the heat of the evening, I decided to give their Sunrise Saison a try.

The beer poured a beautiful hazy gold color with a fluffy bright white head. There was an instant scent of strawberries from the glass, like you had just stuck your nose into a small cup of fresh cut strawberries. It had a perfect and refreshing thicker than water mouthfeel that was great at the end of an exceedingly warm day.

The taste was surprisingly complex. Normally with saisons you just get some yeast, some bread, and little else. This however had, of course, a strong taste of strawberries balanced by some light hints of rhubarb. There were some tastes of sweet malt and Belgian yeast that lent this beer a strong sweetness. Finally, there was surprising sourness of booze at the end, probably form the higher-than-normal, for a saison at least, ABV of 7%. Overall, while definitely not a hallmark of the style it makes for a wonderful and refreshing beer for the summer months.


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