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Harpoon Great Scott

June 18, 2012

Harpoon is one of those breweries that to people that don’t drink craft beer, ends up getting pigeon holed into one style. If you were to ask any person at a bar what Harpoon is, they’d inevitably say, “Oh isn’t that the one that’s like Blue Moon?” You would then of course frown, because while a Witbier is made from wheat, and also generally unfiltered, it is made with a completely different yeast. The point I’m trying to get to here is that Harpoon goes far beyond just their very popular UFO. I’m actually surprised that over the past year or so I have never spoken about them. I really thought I had reviewed the Catamount Maple Wheat at some point in the past year, since it is thoroughly delicious and I have a penchant for things with maple flavor. Their Great Scott was a particularly interesting beer I had recently.

The beer poured a rich mahogany, that perfect sort of dark brown with red hues that immediately makes you think of wood more than anything else, with no head. The scent was an interesting combination of sweet malt, summer fruits, and surprisingly peat. The peat scent threw me off somewhat but it did add an interesting balance to the beer’s nose.

The Great Scott was surprisingly light in body. The mouthfeel was a refreshing almost lighter than water consistency, quite easy to drink. The ease of drinking is good because this beer has a great mixture of tastes.

There’s a strong mixture of sticky ripe fruits, like biting into a handful of berries and peaches that are just oozing with juices, and sweet sticky malt. Hints of toffee make this beer slightly sweeter, yet somehow the hints of toffee and vanilla actually help to balance out the super sweetness of the fruit and malt. Still, this isn’t a beer that I’d recommend if you weren’t looking for a sweet beer. If you’re looking for something sweet that doesn’t shy away from high alcohol content (10.2%) than give the Harpoon Great Scott a try.


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