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Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout

June 15, 2012

Left Hand Brewery is a particularly fun brewery with a lot of delicious brews. Of course, everyone knows that people don’t talk about their Sawtooth Ale or Black Jack Porter (I actually had to look these up), because it’s all about their fantastic Milk Stout. True craft beer lovers know that you don’t drink Left Hand Milk Stout with CO2 unless you’re some sort of barbarian. If you really want to enjoy this Milk Stout, you need it to be on a Nitro pour. What if your local craft beer bar doesn’t have it on Nitro pour?! What do you do then?

Well sir, you get it in a bottle.

Not long ago, Left Hand launched the Nitro Milk Stout bottle program in New York City, and while I wasn’t able to make it to the launch it did appear at my corner store not long after.

The beer poured a nice pitch black out of the bottle, and was somehow able to maintain the fluffy light brown head I’ve come to expect from the beer on draft. The scent is preserved with rich smells of roasted malt, chocolate, a light hint of wood, and finally the barest presence of vanilla and cream. It was as full bodied, creamy, and smooth as I recalled it ever being. More importantly though, it had that air-y fluffy feeling that comes from a proper nitro pour.

The taste centers around a strong taste of milk and cream, which really does help to balance out the roasted malt and chocolate tastes. Of course, what makes the Left Hand Milk Stout so great is that this strong chocolate taste doesn’t overpower the ending or linger for more than its welcome. Instead, the beer mellows smoothly, leaving you waiting eagerly for the next sip.

If you can’t get this on draft, the bottles are certainly safe for consumption.


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