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Saint Somewhere Saison Athene

June 13, 2012

For those of you who are still wondering, yes the Saint Somewhere Pays Du Soleil was so good that I actually ordered another one of their beers when I got the chance. It offered a great chance to escape the hop madness that was Sierra Nevada night at Barcade, and it also sounded pretty delicious on its own.

The saison poured a beautiful and bright yellow and gold color with a fluffy white head that sat atop it barely pouring over the edge of the glass. There was a strong and powerful scent of ripe citrus fruit mixed in with sweet malt, and booze. The mouthfeel was extremely light, somewhat smooth, and ultimately a bit watery. Normally I’m not fond of watery beers but this actually lent itself to a refreshing quality, which is what one would expect from a good saison or farmhouse.

Its taste was amazing. The beer had a sugary sweetness that was enhanced by the sweet tastes of the Belgian yeast. There was a great mixture of citrus throughout, though truly the most interesting part of this beer is the slight hint of tea, chamomile in particular. The tea taste helps to mellow and calm this beer at the very end, making for a surprisingly well rounded saison.

If you get the chance to have some Saint Somewhere, I highly suggest it.


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