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Saint Somewhere Pays Du Soleil

June 8, 2012

I do have a soft spot for American brewers who stick closely to traditional European brewing methods, and the Belgian-American breweries certainly have a proven track record. Saint Somewhere is luckily another great entry into Belgian style beers. They’re also noteworthy for being another brewery up from Florida, joining such delicious brewers as Cigar City. Struck by one of those strange star alignments, I felt the need to try out their dubbel, the Pays Du Soleil.

The beer pours a beautiful amber with some darker red hues mixed in, with a thick and fluffy white head that puffed just a little bit above the edge of the glass. Like many Belgian ales it has a rich and complex scent to it. The smell was a beautifully sweet smell of ripe fruits, candied sugar, and hints of booze. I was surprised when the mouthfeel was so thick, the beer was still smooth going down, but it had a surprising weight to it.

The taste though is where this beer truly dazzles. It starts with a nice sweet taste of citrus followed by a strong taste of apples. These fruit flavors are then rounded out by hints of baking spices. The brew settles with a final blast of sugary goodness. I would definitely say, based on this brew, that Saint Somewhere is a brewery worth keeping your eyes peeled for.


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