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Climax Tuxedo Imperial Stout

June 6, 2012

Another Climax beer?!

Actually, I had this beer and the delicious Incompetent Scholar in the same night but have just been holding off posting a review of this particular brew because sometimes I like to avoid showing any sort of brewery favoritism. Then again, sometimes breweries just do really good work, so it’s sort of hard to pretend like you’re not supposed to enjoy them. Climax is definitely a brewery worth enjoying, though their distribution has sadly not exploded in the past few weeks so it’s still for people in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

The Tuxedo Imperial Stout was handed to me by one of the trusty bartenders at Barcade, when I was unsure of what to have. It pours a deep dark black, with the barest traces of a mocha head. Sadly though, there was almost no scent to this beer. I got so close trying to sniff some sort of smell off of it that a little actually went through my nose resulting in a positively painful experience. If anything, the beer has very bare hints of chocolate and cream. The mouthfeel is particularly thick and creamy, almost velvety in its smoothness.

The taste is a nice strong combination of flavors. The brew is mostly a mixture of rich chocolate and strong coffee, definitely not for people who don’t like bitter in their brew. There are the barest hints of malt and cream, but don’t let that make you think this beer will appeal to a broader audience. The strong espresso aftertaste makes this a stout for people who like their chocolate dark and their coffee darker. Overall, it’s a great coffee stout, and worth a glass if you can get the chance.


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