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Magic Hat Elder Betty

May 14, 2012

Magic Hat has long been one of my favorite breweries. Now, of course, I have a lot of “favorite,” breweries, because I really just love beer but Magic Hat does actually hold a special place in my heart. Their beers were always there for me in college and my brief stint in our nation’s capital, as just a consistently interesting brew. It really is their seasonal brews that I prize most of all though, since their Odd Notions can too often fall into them realm of, “Is this beer?” and some of their standbys are kind of lame. Come winter, it’s rare for me to go a week without at least one Howl. This summer, they’ve switched out the Whacko of years past for the Elder Betty.

The Elder Betty is a wheat beer that pours a hazy golden orange with a thick bright white head, that quickly lowers to a less unwieldy size. The scent is a mixture of sweet berries and bread, reminiscent of a summer picnic. Like many of their brews, the mouthfeel is a light, barely thicker than water feel that’s easy to swallow in pleasant mouthfuls. The taste has a strong sweetness of berries that lingers throughout the beer and comes out still present on the finish. Middle tasting notes are of mellow wheat and malt flavors.

Frankly, this is a beer that is begging to be thrown into your cooler for a day at the beach, a barbecue, or any occasion where you’re lazing about in the sun.


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