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River Horse Chocolate Porter

May 11, 2012

River Horse Brewing has one of those interesting stories that I can get behind. Apparently, its current brewing team was locked in the high-end world of finance. While Hollywood might paint finance and the stock market as a world where the work is hard but the play is harder, I’ve found in reality it’s actually soul crushing cubicle work mixed with frat boy style drinking that makes it easier but not necessarily better. Apparently, my deductions were correct, as the men at River Horse say that, “you don’t have to be stuck in a dead end job to feel like you’re going nowhere.” Since then, they’ve turned themselves around, and are now running a brewery that produces some fairly tasty beers. Most recently, I sat down and drank a pint of their Chocolate Porter.

The beer pours a dark black with an extremely thick white head. The scent is a strong mixture of roasted malts, and rich chocolate. The mouthfeel was thick while still managing to stay creamy and smooth. The tastes were once again rich, and deep, almost indulgent. Your met with a foreground taste of cream, vanilla, and toffee, rounded out with roasted malt that drives toward a big chocolate finish.

This is one of those porters that you might not appreciate as much because it comes right out and tells you what it is. There’s no tricks, and there’s definitely no boundaries being broken. However, it’s rich, it’s creamy, it’s practically dessert. The River Horse Chocolate Porter deserves to call itself that.


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