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Spider Bite First Bite Pale Ale

May 7, 2012

Spider Bite Brewing Company first came to my attention one hazy evening when I was pouring over a crinkly, soppy menu at Barcade, and spotted that they made an imperial stout. Of course, while my love of stouts did pique my interest, it was the fact that they were from my hometown of Holbrook, New York that actually caught my eye. For a long time, I always thought the closest my hometown would get to the beer world would be its proximity to the Blue Point Brewery but instead, there it was a beer being made in my home town. Due to my “excitement” at the time, I forgot to jot down notes about the beer, instead endeavoring to talk about the brewery the next chance I got. That chance came when I encountered the First Bite Pale Ale, their first brew.

The beer pours a rich amber with a thick bright white head. The scent is a strong whiff of floral hops with a hint of something sweet that is hard to put my finger on. With those notes, I was figuring this would be a somewhat straightforward pale ale until I actually got it into my mouth. This brew has a thick, almost strong, mouthfeel. The First Bite definitely has some surprising weight to itself. The beer then hits you with a sweet punch from the get go, that lingers ever so slightly on the tongue as piney and floral hops roll over you. Everything ends with a sharp crisp hop finish that barely lingers over the tongue.

Ultimately, this beer while nothing world shattering is a strong showing for a first beer. It’s well balanced despite having strong tastes. Hell, I’d argue that some breweries still have no idea how to balance hops. It’s certainly an indication of good things to come, and it can make a great choice when you’re looking for something simple and straightforward. I will end on the note that, while I don’t remember specifics about their Boris the Spider Russian Imperial, I do remember ordering it again.


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