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Founders Dirty Bastard

April 27, 2012

Founders is one of those breweries that I can actually get excited about. Early in their history they stepped away from making solid entries into various styles and instead pushed forward to make those beers that will make you reconsider what you expect from certain styles. They go out to push limits and make brews that are just fantastic. Ultimately, they’re the kind of brewery that will factor into your decision of going to certain bars, beverage distributors, and so on.

Now earlier this week I was talking about how people need to drink Middle Ages Kilt Tilter so they can grasp the basics of the scotch ale/wee heavy style. You need to drink beers like that, so you can understand why beers like the Dirty Bastard are so damn good.

The Dirty Bastard pours a rich brown with slight ruby hues, and a little head of off-white. It smells richly of nuts, hazelnut in particular, dark breads, and chocolate. The mouthfeel is smooth. The Dirty Bastard pours down your gullet easily and wonderfully. The taste is a strong mixture of roasted nuts, hazelnut, and rich roasted malt. These darker, roasted, chocolatey tastes are then balanced out with the sweetest hints of caramel, and the barest notions of sweet dried fruits. This is one of those paragons of the style beers that you can’t miss out on.


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