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Kuhnhenn Prometheus

April 25, 2012

Kuhnhenn, as you may remember, is a brewery run by former hardware store owners out of the Detroit metro area. While I’ve had and been quite pleased by several of their fine, more main stream, beers I often instead find myself talking about their brews that are little bit more out there. The Prometheus is one such example, and part of the catch-all style of beer known as a strong ale. Strong ales are sometimes, as one of my friends aptly put it, when you screw up the abv of a beer and it ends up way too strong. Methinks this Prometheus may have been such a concoction, maybe a winter warmer?

The beer pours a deep brown with faint red hints, and a head that’s tinted slightly brown. As soon as you lean close to this brew you’re struck with a strong scent of cinnamon, cloves, and other powerful baking spices. The best way I can think to describe the mouth feel is ‘not quite full,’ it definitely is there but it’s not like when you feel like you’re chewing a brew but still far from going down smooth like water.

When I first tasted this on an unseasonably warm Spring day I suddenly worried I might have been transported back in time to December, and I actually whispered, “This tastes like Christmas.” The taste is a nice sweet molasses, with cinnamon, cloves, and wintry spices. I’d compare it to a well made slice of ginger bread, not a gingerbread cookie but the actual baked good. The strong alcohol content reveals itself in a lingering flavor, right before you’re left with a breath of fresh cinnamon.

Grab a glass of this, probably too strong for a full pint, if this whacky (and oft warm) weather has you pining for winter. Better yet, grab a bottle, and age it till Christmas.


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