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Middle Ages Kilt Tilter

April 23, 2012

Middle Ages is one of those breweries that has never lead me wrong, though I will be the first to admit that they’re not making stellar paragon-of-their-style beers I can’t deny the fact that they make very solid beers that are consistently well-crafted. Middle Ages hails out of Syracuse, New York, and is run by the married couple Marc and Mary Rubenstein. The pair describe their brewery as a traditional hand-crafted English brewery; no computer controlled brew-cycles, or other fancy machinery, just the brewer and his ingredients. They also make use of an imported English yeast that’s been growing for over a century. Certainly, this brewery lives up to its name but more importantly they happen to make good beers. Case in point, the Kilt Tilter, their scotch ale.

The Kilt Tilter pours a deep dark brown, near black, with a fluffy creamy head. The scent is a barely perceptible hint of malts. It ends up feeling smooth and creamy in your mouth, making it quite drinkable. The overall taste is one of roasted malt, with traces of nuts, hints of booze, and the sweet sticky caramel flavors that you’d expect from a scotch ale. As I stated, there’s nothing particularly mind-blowing going on here, which is part of why I found myself describing this as “the scotch ale that other scotch ales drink.” It’s a solid entry into the style, and it’s something you should be drinking if you want to understand what makes other scotch ales better or worse. You’d be hard-pressed to get a better beer to teach you the style.


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