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Dogfish Head Fort

April 16, 2012

Oh Dogfish Head, how strange that you are the first new beer review to go up. As has been explained on several occasions, my opinion of Dogfish Head is exceedingly mixed. On rare occasions I feel like they’re actually able to produce beers that should be sung of from rooftops, and other times thrown from rooftops in a violent fashion*. Still, it was hard to resist the allure of the “highest ABV fruit beer in the world!” Largely because it was such a ridiculous claim, but also in that Mallorian sense: because it was there!

The first thing that really struck me about this beer was its scent. The thing smells like a giant bushel of fresh raspberries with a few other pieces of deliciously smelling fruits mixed in. This is what a summer fruit salad should smell like. It pours a sort of murky ruby red with a plain white head, nothing too exciting or surprising when you get into fruit and lambic territory. The mouthfeel was smooth, light, and easy to drink, once more not surprising.

The taste was intense however. The best way I can think to describe it is that it’s like a ripe man-sized raspberry punched you square in the jaw. Then to wake you up, the raspberry threw vodka on your face. The Fort literally reminded me of a time or two when I had encountered fruits that had actually been soaked in liquor; a strong one-two of fruit and booze. In some ways, I’d call this what college students strive to when they want to make a fruity “bucket.” The Fort certainly deserves the title, as my friend gave it, of, “The First Dogfish Head Beer [he] liked.”

*: My Face For the World Wide Stout


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