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Geary’s Autumn Ale

September 27, 2011

Geary’s Brewing is surprisingly one of the older craft breweries in the United States, and one of the oldest in New England. The seeds for the brewery began in the early 1980s with the rise of craft beer along the West Coast when David Geary was studying the brewing traditions of Scotland and England under the tutelage of a Scottish nobleman and countless brewers in the two countries. Finally, they began with their traditional Pale Ale in 1986, and have been carefully and quietly growing ever since. Located in Maine, Geary’s is dedicated to traditional English brewing (a nice pair to that other delicious Maine-based brewery). While here in New York City we may be in the midst of an Indian Summer, the beer world has taken on a distinct turn toward the changing of seasons, and so on one warm evening I was able to whet my whistle with Geary’s Autumn Ale.

The beer poured an amazingly beautiful brown color with light ruby hues playing throughout it when held to the light. Its head was a light brown color that seemed to be rich and frothy. The scent was one that was slightly reminiscent of chocolate, roasted malt, and roasted nuts. A tad more wintry than autumnal but perfect for an English brown.

When I drank the beer, I found it thick but surprisingly smooth, creating a very drinkable beer that you could have quickly or over a session. The taste was very rich and pleasing, with nut and chocolate tastes and a strong roasted malt finish that lingers pleasantly in your mouth. When I breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth after a long pull, I found the taste to become slightly more balanced. Overall, what makes this beer great is that it delivers exactly what’s promised. It’s a nice brown ale that you can drink throughout the fall, and alongside autumn dinners. My verdict is that if this is something you can get a taste of, do it.


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