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My Thoughts Now Enter Your Brain Through Your Ears.

August 15, 2011

Today I begin an expansion of sorts. In addition to the blog that I will maintain here, I have now decided to begin posting a podcast. I am currently using the free service over at podomatic largely because it is one of the better options available to me at this point in time. A podcast is something I have actually been wanting to do since before I took up blogging once again.
The idea was cemented late in my senior year of college when people began suggesting that they would pay to hear my rants uninterrupted by others’ thoughts and reflections. I’m sad to say that this podcast will not be so much of a rant, as a lecture. I find that yelling into a microphone in a manner similar to the rants that made people want to listen to me is actually strange. The rant is a beautiful form of oration, but it is one that requires my actual presence in the room. Ranting requires my ability to move about freely and to gesticulate wildly to make various points and sometimes unnecessary emphases.
This series is going to be entitled “From the Lectern of the Mark T. Hrisho,” following the theme I have created here. Granted, in this situation I don’t actually own a lectern (yet), but armchair or desk doesn’t quite fit the tone of this podcast. The podcast, as the name implies, reminds me of a very conversational lecture from various professors and teachers I’ve had over the years. I have every intention of maintaining this tone, and focusing on expressing my ideas on a multitude of subjects. There will of course most likely be humor involved, moments where the podcast becomes more rant-like, and probably some days where I just relate anecdotes. Overall though, it will just be me talking into the void.
As promised, the first episode is about the Internet and Soap. An idea planted in my mind by the chair of the Anthropology department at my college during my senior seminar. We had been discussing the introduction of soap into societies, how the need for soap was created, and how it’s frighteningly similar to the Internet. This made sense to me almost instantly. These are created needs in our society that obviously, I explain in the podcast.
So go forth dear readers, and become my dear listeners!

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