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Dogfish Head Festina Peche

June 8, 2011

So I rarely like to speak of this particular brewery, since I feel that most of what they brew is so patently ridiculous that it really begins to wander outside of what I could comfortably call beer. However, I will admit that their IPAs are pretty fantastic, and their fall Pumpkin beer is the type of brew that a person should feel quite comfortable stabbing another sentient being over. The Festina Peche, their summer beer, is one of those nice outcomes of their continuous experimental brews that results in a surprisingly refreshing fruit beer. The beer itself aims to be a wheat beer with a tart peach flavor to it, and I will state that while the beer I had tasted a certain way, I’ve had enough Dogfish Head to say that sometimes their batches vary. So be warned that this is certainly no sacred scripture.

The beer poured a very light gold, almost yellow, color with the slightest of wheaty hazes and had that standard weizen head that is somehow shockingly white. The aroma was one of fresh peaches with no hints of wheat whatsoever, it was literally as if you had just shoved your head into a bushel of freshly picked peaches. The mouthfeel of it is smooth without being necessarily watery, giving it the exact sort of consistency you’re looking for in a summer beer: drinkable and refreshing. The taste however is almost sickly sweet, it smacks against your mouth like sticky peach juice providing a very tart aftertaste that quickly overpowers the wheat finish. As you let it sit for a bit, you either get used to the tartness or it abates with warming providing an enjoyable experience.

Be careful what you’re drinking with this however, as the fruitiness lends the beer a certain acidity. This combined with heavier beers, or higher alcohol consumption, might lead for some unpleasantness if you’re possessed of a weak stomach. Luckily though, this beer is only 4.5% ABV making it the type of beer you can have a couple glasses of on a hot day without getting particularly inebriated. Also, the fruity taste does give it a certain accessibility for the type of people who think that beer is nothing more than Budweiser, though that low ABV means this is no pants dropper, folks. Overall, the Festina Peche is definitely one of those good summer beers, especially if you’re looking for something sweet.


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