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Sixpoint Gemini Double IPA

June 5, 2011

Sixpoint is one of several great breweries operating in Brooklyn, and my personal favorite. I can honestly say that I have yet to have a Sixpoint beer that I didn’t enjoy. From across numerous varieties that I’ve tasted, I have found each one to be particularly delightful. This is why in many ways I find the Gemini Double IPA to be somewhat troubling and not because I didn’t like it. In fact, I did enjoy it, but as many people know I don’t get along well with hops, IPAs, and certainly not double IPAs. Yet, here we are.

The beer itself poured a beautiful hazy orange color with a fluffy white head nearly coming over the lip of a ten ounce glass. The pour was not too surprising, since like most Double IPAs the Sixpoint Gemini hovers a bit above ten percent ABV. The scent of the beer was a light citrus hop scent, certainly not the smell I was expecting since most double’s often have a scent akin to if you took a field of hops and condensed it into a glass. The taste was a sort of standard hoppiness with a tolerable spiciness, and a good floral ending. It was surprisingly drinkable and sessionable, in part due to a somewhat watery mouthfeel. Overall, I enjoyed it, which is part of the problem.

Double IPAs are a brew style that originates on the west coast where most brewers don’t think it’s a beer until it has enough hops to survive a wind-powered boat trip from the British Isles to India, which I suppose they started as a justification for all those farmers that started growing hops after they opened up their breweries, it’s a vicious cycle really. Seriously, there are some west coast breweries that will stuff hops even where it clearly doesn’t belong. Being dissatisfied with these “weak” IPAs the rest of the world enjoys, they created the Double IPA which is basically just strongly-flavored hop water that they can claim has malt and barley too but I disbelieve. On top of this, the Double IPA style is one that is designed to be particularly high in ABV so that after your palette has been torn apart by the bushel of hops you just ingested, you won’t need another drink. While the Gemini is a solid ten percenter, I was extremely disappointed by the fact that it didn’t knock me from my seat and cause a plant to start growing from my mouth. Once again, Sixpoint is a great brewery that has continued to maintain a streak of producing beers that I find delicious but it doesn’t mean they always hit the style on the head. So if you’re against hops like me, but still want to appear to drink Double IPAs, pick up a Gemini (perhaps in one of those nifty nanokegs I keep hearing about).


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