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Victory Braumeister Schwartz Pils

May 8, 2011

So as stated in a previous post, I love black lagers. I could drink them day and night, and if the world stopped making other types of beer I would miss stouts but I wouldn’t really mourn the loss of the other various ales and lagers. I hadn’t even noticed that Victory Brewing of Pennsylvania had shipped a dark pilsner to my local bar until hearing someone who was looking for a light colored beer almost ordered it before finding out it was a black lager. Now Victory’s Prima Pils is one of their standard brews that I see everywhere and it is a solid beer. There’s nothing fantastic to write home about there, but then again a good pilsner isn’t something to write home about.  It’s merely refreshing and light in the best way possible.

This is why my interest was piqued when I noticed this dark pilsner. It might be like the Prima Pils but with a nice variety of mellow flavors, I imagined. I however was immediately surprised when I ordered this dark pilsner and what was placed before me was a nice golden brown or amber beer with a foamy white head. I was expecting a rich dark brown at the very least if not a black, and it was not a delightful surprise when I realized that I could clearly see my fingers on the other side of the glass. However, brown is still dark for a pilsner so they have me on that technicality.

Then I lift it to my nose, and get a nice whiff of malts with various hop hints. I sip it and find that it has a strange spiciness to it, a sort of hop bite throughout with a small note of malty sweetness. As I breathed out from my mouth on the nose trick I found the hops accentuated but instead of lingering across my mouth they slowly dissipated. A crisp pilsner finish with some hop hints that was intriguing indeed. Over the session of drinking however the hops did slowly overpower the crisp dry finish and I was left with a mild taste of hops when I was finished.

In my opinion, it was a little hoppy and lightly colored to be going about calling itself a dark pilsner but I’m not sure what I’d expect it to be called either. Overall, a beer that if you like a light hop touch is worth giving a try. It would probably be refreshing on a nice day as well.


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